Have Mercy

So lately, I’ve had a huge craving for John Stamos. I happened to (re)watch the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode TOW the Donor and before you could say Have Mercy I was watching Full House right from Season 1 episode 1.


I happened to notice a ton of similar Jokes and plot-lines in the shows. Which was super-exciting for me, because that’s how sad my life is. I decided to make a list (taking screenshots is more time-consuming than I thought possible) which will be up later this month if I don’t find anything more interesting to write about. I did this instead of doing what I was actually supposed to be doing and finish the character list for my long-overdue pilot (more on that soon).

In the process I also realized that I am not getting any younger and that John Stamos is actually 50 :O and that PG 13 dream I had with me and him was less 90210 and more Playboy Mansion. The worst part about the viewer-discretion-advised dreams that I have is that my mom always pops up the middle of them. And unlike Chandler I don’t stop and question her, or even hesitate, I run like my Oscar-de-la-renta fishtail gown’s tail is on fire and scram. It so happens that this particular dream took place in an airport and to add to the inappropriate cameos in my show, my aunt makes an unwelcome appearance to interrupt my making out with John Stamos(25 yr old) at the boarding gate to wild applause and cheering from the others at the airport. This was followed by me running up and down an endless chain of escalators only to find my mom and aunt popping up wherever I went. Finally, I just got stuck in an escalator/conveyor belt which just went around and around until I got dizzy, threw up and woke up..

I come from an unbearably orthodox family that frowns upon pretty much everything I do ( 😉 ) , is unaware of most things I do and dislikes any human I talk to that may possess even remotely masculine characteristics, may give some context to why I ran the way i did in the dream and why I will run in a very similar fashion if this ever happens in real life and knowing me, it’ll probably be soon, just as soon as I find a 25 year old John Stamos.

I read recently when I googled him for the 1200th time that he’s starting a new TV show with muppets and dolls and other celebrities. Move over Sesame Street there’s some new talent in town. Actually kids, do NOT watch this at home…or anywhere for that matter. It’s a show about First Times, virginities being lost, Celebrities being deflowered before and after they got famous and some serious reality will go down when the big-wigs meet the li’l twigs that took their innocence. Read more on that here http://eonli.ne/YnQNSf.

Speaking of celebrities whose names start with J, how about that Jennifer Lawrence/JLaw. I’ll be honest after her “I beat Meryl” remark and the fact that she bears a slight resemblance to Hayden Panettiere I did not like the woman at all. My opinion was- she was bad-ass in the Hunger Games movie but I still don’t like her. Then, a friend of mine who is in love with her sends me this video


and I fell in love with her in spite of the Hayden Panettiereness. She s funny, she photo-bombs Sarah Jessica Parker, she knows that drinking blood is gross, she knows how awesome sweatpants are and she is mostly drunk. I am officially a fan. Woohoo JLaw.



2 thoughts on “Have Mercy

  1. Almost lost me by not liking Jennifer Lawrence but glad you changed your mind about her cuase i think she’s amazing and hilarious! Although i hate the nick name jlaw cuase it reminds me of Jude Law nd when you read somehting about Jennifer Lawrence and picture Jude Law it can get confusing. Love what your doing though Keep it up!

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