Call me Old Sport

You caught me, I ate the last cookie, knowing that you wanted it so bad just made it taste better. On a slightly less dramatic note, I just saw The Great Gatsby. Heh, boy that Baz Luhrmann sure know hows to pimp a movie doesn’t he? 

Soundtrack: Brilliant

Story: Honestly I haven’t read the book, even though I think I snuck a copy from my place of work two years ago.

The movie itself: seemed cool, just like Leo and those men in the advertisements in Times Square, in the Arrow shirts and what not. 

My rating: seriously does what I think matter? Go check rotten tomatoes (if you want an actual assessment) or imdb( if you want the opposite of the actual asssessment) 

Sad endings really bum me out. This is why I don’t watch movies and stick to shows. With shows, the end is so far away you don’t have to think (unless an awesome show gets cancelled in the middle for reasons that could not and would not be acceptable to me, like Partners or Don’t Trust the B—- in apartment 23) about it when you start watching. And even after it is over and done with, series finales aired and plot-lines resolved in most likely horrible inexplicable ways, if the Gods of Television ( and the writers) have been kind, your favorite characters have not been killed off, then you can imagine for yourself, after the finale the ending the show truly deserves. 

We all need closure…and let’s face it, the best kind of closure is the imagined kind. 

I have finals coming up next week and in the time I spent wasting, to find “finals-themed” online entertainment I found this :

Hot guys to motivate you for finals

Here’s a sneak peek:





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