Lori Loughlin keeping it tight

As a person aspiring to be writer and a tempestuous red-blooded barely non-teenager-esque person, you can understand that I subject myself to insane bouts of jealousy, mostly with regards to my physical appearance. *insert rant about female insecurity perpetuated by the likes of Kate Moss here*. No one appreciates the effort that goes into keepin it tight more than someone who is not the opposite (keepin it lose just sounds bad) but is trying to tighten it up. I’ve only recently started exercising and working out regularly Blogilates has inspired me and yup I’m seeing the results already. In fact, I bet on losing 4% of my weight in June with Cassey (my wonderfully chipper Youtube Fitness Guru) on DietBet, feel free to join in the fun and help me make some money. Watching last week’s episode of Psych which guest stars Lori Loughlin, all I could think was-daaaaaamn that woman is keepin it tiiiiiiiiiight. I mean just look at these :

I could not be more jealous

Reading stuff I wrote ages ago, I haven’t changed as much as I’d thought

I could not be more jealous

I could not be more jealous

Lori in 90210

Lori in 90210


Lori on Psych last week

Lori on Psych last week

Good genes and two hours every morning in the gym? I’m just guessing here, but seriously if I look that good at her age well I’d probably be a cougar and hopefully not like this :

Courteney Cox, Cougar Town

So I know there’s a ton of important stuff happening out there and then here I am talking about TV, but there’s a ton of websites for news and I read it, but writing it just makes me lose faith in humanity, not that I had much to begin with. What I do have an excess of is trust issues, control-freaks around me, premature Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and the desire to test-operate a drone of some sort.

In my continuing endeavor to catch up to Pop Culture



I have realized that Saturday Night Live is my savior, redemption and anti-Judas. I’ve been watching random episodes of the show and Googling almost every alternate name that they drop. This week I found out who Paula Deen is, who Rob Ford is and the name of that guy Cobie Smulders made a baby with. I just have to say, I love Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen. The latter especially for when he guest-starred on Parks and Recreation. BEST EPISODE EVER.

This was a comment below the video which epitomizes the sentiments of rebels against voluntary ignorance of one’s funny bone(s, I am fairly certain I have at least 3 funny bones, they look like hilarious in X-rays). The comment which she’s replied to is hidden cause it was all negative and making people think that higher taxes are a good idea and causing general bummed out-ness.



Bill Hader, whom I knew only from his apperance on THe Mindy Project is brilliant! Stefon OMFG. I could just spend all day filling his dimples with chocolate sauce and then emptying them in ways that are too inappropriate to be decribed on a non NSFW blog.

Speaking of The Mindy Project, check out the conversation I had with Edward Weeks ( he plays Dr. Jeremy Reed on the show), hot, British, on the verge of cool, but still okay with being in a pseudo Sauna with two weirdos. I just really love Jeremy and Morgan together :D. Not surprised that EdWeeks didn’t reply to crazy fangirls trying to get him to be gay with Ike Barinholtz on screen. Oh well.



I also found out that this guy from Psych :

Spl agent Lars Ewing

who also guest-stars on Chuck at some point according to IMDB, though I cannot really place where, he is apparently famous for some stuff that wasn’t a TV show, a movie called La Bamba. This whole time I thought La Bamba was a song made for Karaoke by Wyclef Jean. Oh well, what’s your  week been like? Did the hot guys help with the finals, cause mine went real smooth.



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