With this post I thee commence

As the lyrical genius  Eminem ( after whom I assumed the candies were named or possibly things are the other way around) once said “I’m not afraid, to take a stand, everybody, come take my hand” . Except, I’m deathly scared, afraid, petrified even and let’s face it I have symptoms of mild germophobia so everybody taking my hand is outta the question, also I just graduated…yay, then again maybe not.

Out of college, 4 years spent studying engineering because let’s face it without a degree in engineering your life is unlikely to ever be worthwhile…EVER, I’m at the mythical crossroads. You know the one, with the signboard with two arrows pointing in opposite directions, both of them have no labels and you’re literally in the middle of nowhere, and mostly you don’t want to screw up and yo’re wondering whether risks are really worth taking. I studied in what has been described as the dream college and the ideal spot for learning…by no one. It’s funny how a reputation outlives what it was built on for so long. I’m waiting to hear back from NYU about admissions and I’ve been trying to just get my final transcripts from the stupid effin Anna University to send to NYU, apparently it takes 2 weeks to print out a sheet of ugly paper and if you can’t wait that long well they don’t really give a shit. Sadists I will never understand. I kinda hope BDSM catches on in this city, the government officials in the stupidest yet somehow weirdly powerful jobs (like the guy who hands out the marksheets) could use a different outlet for these dominatrix, sadistic and taboo tendencies. I think it would definitely be for the best.

Another awesome thing about college here: you learn NOTHING to prepare you for life and they don’t even hold the bloody official graduation ceremony until a year after you actually climb out of the hellhole. So there’s one more thing I can’t cross off my bucket-list-a crazy inspirational commencement address.

I read a post about the most inspirational commencement speeches ever on FastCo and while those were amazing, here’s my pick:

The brilliant & the obvious 

It’s been played over and over and quoted again and again and it’s become the obvious pick, but not without reason. Everytime I think twice about what I want to do with my life, I can’t see the point in doing things that don’t make me happy- writing, reading, singing (Seemingly like Adele when I actually sound like this guy). So anyway, this speech kinda reminds me that risks are worth taking, you never know what tomorrow brings, you only live once and all that jazz.

There are many versions on Youtube I chose this one because I love the name of the channel 😛 (peestandingup)

Because things can get Harry sometimes 

JKR is da man. I mean talk about a phenom. And as someone who aspires to reach her level or fame, success both in terms of literature and mimicking her accent, I have to say her speech reminds me that I am wrong about the two thoughts that always plague me and get me down- ‘there’s no turning back if you make a bad decision’ and ‘just because a majority thingks something is right and you don’t agree, you’re probably the wrong one’. FYI those are stupid thoughts that stem from the deepest darkest annals of my tumultuous relationship with my parents. Which brings me to the most important reason why I love this speech. She reminds me that there’s a point beyond which you need to stop blaming your parents, hitch your pants a little higher on your waist, roll-up your sleeves and just charge. I have always been a whiner when it comes to this, I blame my parents for a lot (actually pretty much everything) of things and I still do, but I like to think that the speech has had an impact. I do try to whine less and just move past it all. Grow up and all that.

I want to be the President of the United States’ speechwriter

This one is inspirational only because it reminds me that I can be funny and I wouldn’t be ruling out the possibility of working for the President someday. I also learnt that bullshit is a bad word, who knew. Jon Levett you awesome S.o.B!

These are the speeches I gifted myself, for putting myself through 4 years of a life I didn’t want, for making it to the finish without causing my hairline to recede, for managing to have fun with it anyway, for making some friends who made a difference and mostly for not giving up on the dream I’ve had since much before those 4 years. Someday (hopefully before I’m 30) I will be giving one of these speeches and all I can promise is that it won’t be boring, it won’t be profound, but it will be true.

Bonus: My new mantra/screensaver. 

Will Smith always knows what he’s talking about, but then again I haven’t seen After Earth yet.

Father’s Day Weekend. So Happy Father’s Day to all the Good dads out there, the ones who said ‘whatever’ when your girlfriend passed the pregnancy test, this does NOT go out to you! Happy Father’s day to my dad as well, because you aren’t as bad as I tell other people you are and I do love you for everything you’ve done for me, (not so much for the things, like engineering, that your forced me to do…see what I mean about the whining).

The funny commencement speech also given on Father’s day weekend, not too inspiring, but sure as hell entertaining.


4 thoughts on “With this post I thee commence

  1. And your post too was sure as hell entertaining 😀 The title and subtitle of the blog are amazing again 😀
    Happy blogging and good luck!

  2. ahha…so you missed out watching my commencement speech on u-tube…its a great one starting with “ok..its all over..so lets get drunk…” and ends with “oh gawd..is it already morning”… so inspirational for the younger generation

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