That’s just super

As hard I made it for you to guess the theme here, it’s superman. I’ve never been a huge fan of the tale. I like my superheroes, like I like my food- hot, spicy with a hint of saucy. Iron-Man RDJ fits the bill perfectly with the playboy, your-opinion-is-irrelevant attitude


I am a MARVEL girl, for real. When I was born, the doctors said ‘She’s a marvel this one, you are the luckiest parents alive.’ I also like the Marvel comics. X-Men ftw. My biggest dream as a kid was to be Rogue especially when I started watching X-Men Evolution. She was the brooding face of my earliest blog and continues to be my favorite comic-book character for reasons that probably extend beyond her wardrobe.

Like I said, probably.

Which brings us to Man of Steel or does it? Well before we get to that, I just have like a small subset of the million things I have to say, that I have to list.

Best Lois ever- Erica Durance

Pitbull on a pantleg

Best Lois & Clark ever- Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain

They have Chemistry and Dean Cain is just chilled out and funny and doesn’t spend all his time brooding in a barn.

Hottest Superman or blur or whatever- Tom Welling Hands down

That’s not from Smallville, it’s from when he was an Abercrombie model, but so cute and hot. It can’t be easy to be both those things at the same time.

But here’s a ranking  if you wanna see the contenders or if you’re one of those people who finds Daniel Craig attractive.

Man of Steel- the real story

So my best friend calls me when the movie was still in production and is like ‘OMG WE HAVE TO GO FOR IT!’ and I’m like sure, but why so much enthusiasm, shouldn’t you attempt to curb it and then well:

1.She tells me Henry Cavill is superman. I’m like who is that?

She tells me Henry Cavill is superman. I'm like who is that?

2. After I Google Henry Cavill

After I Google Henry Cavill

3. She tells me Amy Adams is playing Lois Lane

It takes me a while to get over that one.

4. It takes me a while to get over that one 

She tells me Amy Adams is playing Lois Lane

5. We debate what the casting director was thinking and question his/her better judgement about the Amy Adams decision

We debate what the casting director was thinking and question his/her better judgement about the Amy Adams decision

6. I start watching the movie and Henry Cavill comes on screen 

sooo hot

7. We can’t help ourselves as we watch the culmination of manly perfection despite his terrible acting

low how big he is with sush

8. Amy Adams comes on screen 

amy adams comes on screen

9. Amy Adams has lines.


10. Then Jonathan Kent has to go and die.

Jonathan dies

11. Every time Henry went off screen 

everytime henry went off screen

12. When I realize the guy who plays the good(mostly) Dr.Emil Hamilton on Smallville is playing the Dr’s assistant- Officer Sekowsy, in the movie

omg the mil from smallville is the fake emil s assitant in this movie thatss so fucked up

13. My friend when I point this fact out to her


14. Amy Adams and the sexy new supes start making out almost as randomly as Ron and Hermione in the last Harry Potter movie

amy adams kissing hc

15. I find out that they’re planning on making this a trilogy

say what now

16. Henry Cavill comes back on screen yelling and flying and seemingly devoid of any actual lines

tell me i m pretty

17. Amy Adams starts talking again

no i dont wanna hear it

18. I remember the trilogy thing and ask God WHY they do such things


19. I start praying for mercy and that by some miracle Christopher Nolan will MAKE more Batman movies and not lend a producer credit to “meh”inducers like this movie and start muttering in frustration

why cant you just make more batman

20. Finally, I go to seek solace in galleries of Tom Welling

me at TW



More elaborate and less Cavill-centric, accurate description of the Man Of Steel Movie

5 Terrible Lessons We Learned from Superman Movies


All reactions shown here were sourced from


3 thoughts on “That’s just super

  1. a superhero with an attitude is what i love..but unfortunately what we get on screen are super depressing heros with a lot of unresolved angst….if method acting is thrust on comic capers..the result is a flop of super proportions…gimme a grinning supie anyday who twirls the world around just because ge can..not the barn brooding philosopher that Nolans patented

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