Fast 6

So I saw the movie some time ago and as usual I am not gonna review it or anything, because like I said, that’s what rotten tomatoes, imdb and coupla zillion other sites and bloggers are for. I do what I do what I do that I do- mock, ridicule, question and make accusations. In this movie however there was so much to mock and so much to ridicule and just SO much inconsistency plot-wise that I was left with just one thought.

Can’t you just picture The Rock as Hobbes the Tiger, ignore the treacherous bitch next to him in the picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie- high-speed car chases, explosions, Vin Diesel driving some petrol cars, that evil dude who looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s evil British twin Hoit Gordon-Levitt.



Luke Evans aka Less-cute, more Evil

Luke Evans aka Less-cute, more Evil










Add to that, the fact that I kept picturing The Rock as a fluffy tiger and well I was pretty much winded from rolling on the floor of the theater laughing. I also got a good workout kicking the guy in front of me who kept shoving his seat into my knee.


Fuck Yeah JGL

Also in case they take down that awesome video here’s the gist


Note to Self: Must watch Magic Mike

Speaking of which, double bonus, you lucky dog you! So maybe your boss is a stingy li’l Theon Greyjoy type person and the bonus he promised you this year came in the form of a ‘Thank you for being a wonderful Employee’ Hallmark card, you should just Channing all over his um, just watch this, it’ll cheer you up. Boys, Olivia Munn is in there too.


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