Hanni I’m home

Hannibal is fucking scary. If Mads Mikkelsen and I were in a room together, i would faint out of sheer fear and then Inception style I would have 3 levels of dreams where I faint again and again and again and then in Limbo he would be there and kill me and have me  for dinner with a side salad, because he knows better than to not eat his veggies. Mads is the kind of guy who could look at you and make you feel like you did something unforgivable, make you want to confess your sins before you hand him a knife and tell him to absolve you and take your life. I’m sure he’s a nice guy irl, but Jesus Christ, is he scary.

His eyes are like- stfu and let me cook you

He looks kinda hot in this picture

He looks kinda hot in this picture

There's no meat, like human meat, what a treat

There’s no meat, like human meat, what a treat



This show is brilliantly convoluted, and you just can’t help thinking just how fucked up the writers of the show must be. And then, there’s Hugh Dancy. The last time I saw this dude on screen was as a charming Disney type prince in a cape on Ella Enchanted, so you can imagine just how freaky it is to see him as an empathizing, borderline sociopath who has more voices in his head than brain and a lot of them aren’t even human.

Before: Ella Enchanted


After: Blood-covered, investigator/weirdo

Let’s talk some more about Mads though, first of all what sort of a name is that? Seriously, if I named a child Mads, I would be surprised if he didn’t end up playing a cannibalistic psychiatrist with a penchant for making beautiful Masterchef desserts as calmly as he castrates his victims before sauteing them.

If I had to summarize the show in one word it would be- creepy as fuck. That phrase is something I never understood and much like the slang of my generation it is nonsense. The show however is brilliantly pictured, from the shady weather and the clouds, to Laurence Fishburne’s unavoidable stern expression. Even the font in which the ‘VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED’, appears at the bottom of the screen is pretty cool, even though I chose to ignore it and continue watching. Hannibal is the stuff nightmares are made of, and trust me it makes Jack the Ripper seem like Spongebob.


On my Watchlist now:

1. Web Therapy-Phoebe Buffay is a therapist, who does 3 minute sessions on the web, she’s flaky, she’s crazier than her patients( there aren’t too many of those) and she went to Wharton Business School. Guess I know where I won’t be applying to next year :). I’ve seen 4 episodes and honestly I will never forget this line-

“What makes you think I don’t specialize in incest?”– Lisa Kudrow, on Web Therapy


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4 thoughts on “Hanni I’m home

  1. Mads is so awesome as hannibal- that i prefer him to anthony hopkins any day…anthony played an out-and-out scary guy….mads plays the gentleman, but theres a hint of something bad inside in him which shines through to scare…and LF..? the guy is one of the best actors in hollywood..even if we dont see him on the big screen much ….

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