Gods must be crazy

I am a person of faith.

I believe, I pray, I marvel, I rejoice.

I look and I know that God has a hand behind this, I appreciate it and I give thanks. But, every once in a while, it wavers, things seem irreparable glass shattered and problems loom all around swallowing your dreams to spit out your bones, after picking their teeth. In those moments, I lash out at Gods, at his people, at the farce that is faith and choose to believe in the pointlessness of existence. It is in one such moment, possibly of weakness, or just my own version of revenge, that I wrote this:






because in my head Jesus looks like Christian Bale


Gods control, they don’t care. Picture God as the opposite of a nice mom (not those postpartum depression kinds that murder their kids) and you’ll know. All of the power, none of the morals. Somewhere in between the likes of Prince Joffrey and Jesus is God’s personality, the guy is just plain bored. This much I know for certain, God is a man.

We hope that he is kind and will reward faith with miracles. We paint him as a saint, and then go a step further, to give him a rival, an anti-god, the Satan to his holiness, a villain to the hero. This isn’t good versus evil, this isn’t like that at all. It’s just God- a single guy, living in his mom’s basement with the joystick that controls the world. Let me tell you, this guy is never a kind soul. This guy likes explosions, guns, bombs and genocide. The gorier the better. This guy is lonely and a little resentful. In his defense though, I am pretty sure he thinks it’s all just a game.


4 thoughts on “Gods must be crazy

  1. Well easier said than done, but I believe in Aham Bhramasmi!
    Interpretations is open.

    A thoughtful post and whatever made you write this one, Lets hope things will find calm. 🙂

    Keep smiling,

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