Un Happy Endings

Since almost everything has been on hiatus, I haven’t had much to write about. That combined with the fact that I am in Massachusetts, USA and no longer in the perennial state of boredom that I used to be in, made blogging harder than usual. I thought a lot, about a show that I would want to write about at this point. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t wanna do reviews, so I figured I’d complain. Yes, as shocking as that is. This is a dedication to those heroes(not really), those veterans(um still no) and those brilliant shows(YES), that were laid to rest before their time. May they RIP and then be resurrected(JESUS-style), on another network.

Here’s to you: Happy Endings, Partners, Outsourced & Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23

Happy Endings:

Best show ever because:

1. Look how hot Damon Wayans Jr is, whilst rolling in the mulah

I might have a weird adoration for interracial couples, that has nothing to do with me having grown up in Nigeria.

2. The brilliance of Adam Pally being the least “gay” gay guy on TV. Max Blume’s the Jew who is gay, definitely NOT chubby and freeloads off his friends. I was like

3. The ridiculously over the top actions reactions of everyone on the show to pretty much everything is just AMAAAZEing, besides the fact that they’re unrealistically awesome lack of cohesion as a group of people.



4. When there was the slightest cancellation buzz around the show

And I did

5. I have had this dream, seriously I kid you not.

6. People were like there will be other shows and I just wasn’t feeling it.

7. The cancellation buzz got stronger and the episodes less frequent

8. Penny’s dating experiences are a revelation

9. They had both Nick Zano and Megan Mullaly guest star, that’s a cameo win.

10. They actually announced it’s cancellation

11. I will always remember the brilliance of this:





On the bright side the writers from these shows are all on other shows now and should be churning out some awesomeness,


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