Angels & Demons


Google Images doesn’t do him justice, trust me

There aren’t many shows that inspire an TV addict such as myself, to marvel at just how good they are. I watch enough shows(over 55) irregardless of my high/low opinions, it’s almost become a rote activity. Da Vinci’s Demons however is one of the very few that made me sit up and take notice of the quality content despite how attractive the protagonist is, see for yourself:

There are many shows I watch for the sole purpose of rejuvenating my eyes- Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, that other show on the CW network. You must understand then, that only extraordinary writing, riveting characters and story-lines, phenomenal acting and marvelous(I do mean MARVELOUS) production is what it takes to get me to take my eyes off of that man and appreciate the show’s magnificence.

It’s created by David. S. Goyer (the guy who wrote the latest, and less than satisfying, installment in the Superman series), yeah, I was surprised too. Here’s what I can tell you about the show( Wiki and IMDB for detailed splanations)-

  • It’s a twist on the traditional accounts behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s tale of brilliance, with an intriguing and somehow appropriate supernatural tinge to it
  • You will see more nipples in one episode of the show than you can count, seriously you should make a drinking game out of it, I did. Ditto butt-cracks.
  • If you like Game of Thrones and Sherlock, this one is definitely in your zone. It has a smidge of the bloody massacre and beheading that Game of Thrones has led us to expect, and simultaneously incorporates a Sherlockian protagonist in Da Vinci.
  • The production effects are stellar, they really draw you in taking you on a journey into Da Vinci’s head, helping you understand his perception of the world as a marginally ostracized, ambidextrous artista. Set in Florence, there is much to keep you on edge- treachery, the impending threat of war and of course, nothing is complete without some good ol fashion people-sleeping-with-people-they’re-not-supposed-to-be-sleeping-with drama

They say the devil is in the details, and I say that’s absolutely heavenly. On a side note, I must say, the day I actually find out who “they” are, I’m going send them a bunch of mean tweets. In 8 episodes, each better than the next, Goyer hides clues and little details that link to future episodes, and I must say I feel absolutely gleeful on the rare occasions that I figure them out.

SPOILER ALERT Goyer also has an awesome blog where he talks about his thought process and the production of some of the episodes. 

What are you waiting for GO WATCH NOW, so we can talk about it.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer, if you’re super curious


Lori Loughlin keeping it tight


As a person aspiring to be writer and a tempestuous red-blooded barely non-teenager-esque person, you can understand that I subject myself to insane bouts of jealousy, mostly with regards to my physical appearance. *insert rant about female insecurity perpetuated by the likes of Kate Moss here*. No one appreciates the effort that goes into keepin it tight more than someone who is not the opposite (keepin it lose just sounds bad) but is trying to tighten it up. I’ve only recently started exercising and working out regularly Blogilates has inspired me and yup I’m seeing the results already. In fact, I bet on losing 4% of my weight in June with Cassey (my wonderfully chipper Youtube Fitness Guru) on DietBet, feel free to join in the fun and help me make some money. Watching last week’s episode of Psych which guest stars Lori Loughlin, all I could think was-daaaaaamn that woman is keepin it tiiiiiiiiiight. I mean just look at these :

I could not be more jealous

Reading stuff I wrote ages ago, I haven’t changed as much as I’d thought

I could not be more jealous

I could not be more jealous

Lori in 90210

Lori in 90210


Lori on Psych last week

Lori on Psych last week

Good genes and two hours every morning in the gym? I’m just guessing here, but seriously if I look that good at her age well I’d probably be a cougar and hopefully not like this :

Courteney Cox, Cougar Town

So I know there’s a ton of important stuff happening out there and then here I am talking about TV, but there’s a ton of websites for news and I read it, but writing it just makes me lose faith in humanity, not that I had much to begin with. What I do have an excess of is trust issues, control-freaks around me, premature Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and the desire to test-operate a drone of some sort.

In my continuing endeavor to catch up to Pop Culture



I have realized that Saturday Night Live is my savior, redemption and anti-Judas. I’ve been watching random episodes of the show and Googling almost every alternate name that they drop. This week I found out who Paula Deen is, who Rob Ford is and the name of that guy Cobie Smulders made a baby with. I just have to say, I love Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen. The latter especially for when he guest-starred on Parks and Recreation. BEST EPISODE EVER.

This was a comment below the video which epitomizes the sentiments of rebels against voluntary ignorance of one’s funny bone(s, I am fairly certain I have at least 3 funny bones, they look like hilarious in X-rays). The comment which she’s replied to is hidden cause it was all negative and making people think that higher taxes are a good idea and causing general bummed out-ness.



Bill Hader, whom I knew only from his apperance on THe Mindy Project is brilliant! Stefon OMFG. I could just spend all day filling his dimples with chocolate sauce and then emptying them in ways that are too inappropriate to be decribed on a non NSFW blog.

Speaking of The Mindy Project, check out the conversation I had with Edward Weeks ( he plays Dr. Jeremy Reed on the show), hot, British, on the verge of cool, but still okay with being in a pseudo Sauna with two weirdos. I just really love Jeremy and Morgan together :D. Not surprised that EdWeeks didn’t reply to crazy fangirls trying to get him to be gay with Ike Barinholtz on screen. Oh well.



I also found out that this guy from Psych :

Spl agent Lars Ewing

who also guest-stars on Chuck at some point according to IMDB, though I cannot really place where, he is apparently famous for some stuff that wasn’t a TV show, a movie called La Bamba. This whole time I thought La Bamba was a song made for Karaoke by Wyclef Jean. Oh well, what’s your  week been like? Did the hot guys help with the finals, cause mine went real smooth.


Call me Old Sport


You caught me, I ate the last cookie, knowing that you wanted it so bad just made it taste better. On a slightly less dramatic note, I just saw The Great Gatsby. Heh, boy that Baz Luhrmann sure know hows to pimp a movie doesn’t he? 

Soundtrack: Brilliant

Story: Honestly I haven’t read the book, even though I think I snuck a copy from my place of work two years ago.

The movie itself: seemed cool, just like Leo and those men in the advertisements in Times Square, in the Arrow shirts and what not. 

My rating: seriously does what I think matter? Go check rotten tomatoes (if you want an actual assessment) or imdb( if you want the opposite of the actual asssessment) 

Sad endings really bum me out. This is why I don’t watch movies and stick to shows. With shows, the end is so far away you don’t have to think (unless an awesome show gets cancelled in the middle for reasons that could not and would not be acceptable to me, like Partners or Don’t Trust the B—- in apartment 23) about it when you start watching. And even after it is over and done with, series finales aired and plot-lines resolved in most likely horrible inexplicable ways, if the Gods of Television ( and the writers) have been kind, your favorite characters have not been killed off, then you can imagine for yourself, after the finale the ending the show truly deserves. 

We all need closure…and let’s face it, the best kind of closure is the imagined kind. 

I have finals coming up next week and in the time I spent wasting, to find “finals-themed” online entertainment I found this :

Hot guys to motivate you for finals

Here’s a sneak peek:




Elementary my dear Spoiler Alert


Now in all my years of existence, I have never had a google alert for anything ever. Mostly because I have no idea how to set one, and also because there isn’t really anything I want regular alerts about, except maybe if Ian Somerhalder suddenly finds himself single and/or in need of CPR, but I like to be realistic. That’s why if I ever do set an alert I will set it on “*insert CW network actor’s name here* single and looking for hot Indian love”.

I’ve finally rewatched all 8 seasons of Full House and I have concluded that this is all I want for Christmas:


I’d be okay with the kid too.

The entire month has been one of regret and regression.

  1. I saw the entire 4th season of Scrubs again. Elliot gets more shrill every time and I am left feeling distinctly disappointed that I don’t have someone to do the eagle with:
  2. I started reading the entire Mediator series by Meg Cabot again. Gawd I love Happy Endings( if you know what I mean). Consequently I had a conversation with my great grand uncle, which was really weird because he is still alive and very opposed to talking to “little girls”.
  3. Having read the Mediator series again I realized Jesse whateverhislastnameis from the books must have been inspired by John Stamos as Uncle Jesse. The resemblance is too uncanny to ignore imo unless you are an expert at the art of bliss through ignorance. I am seriously considering taking that course. People go in stupid and they come out happy and intellectually unchanged. Image
  4. Also I finally watched the Breakfast club and my non-arachnid senses started tingling. You see I have this superpower I can identify people who have made cameos in the shows I watch when they show up in other parts, however tiny(that’s definitley not what she said). In fact I saw the tinier the part in the movie/show/whatever/anti-drug ad campaign, the better. SO turns out the Alison character looked super-familiar and I was like WHOA that’s Mr.Yin from Psych. And those were the 5 most exciting seconds( things your girlfriends says about you ) of the whole movie for me. I finally knew what Molly Ringwald looks like and Judd Nelson should definitely consider eating some cayenne peppers and trying to breathe fire. It just might work.

ally sheedymaniac

In the spirit of my regression I feel this link about teen/Disney/twins/Amanda Bynes is quite appropriate


Next on my agenda catch a bunch of Hitchcock movies and actually read The Great Gatsby before I go see the movie next week. Check out this hilarious video I found while trying to find out what the movie was about:

Source: Huffington Post

My week in TV

  • Elementary: So far honestly the show has been good, but after Sherlock I wasn’t expecting much. I liked it, but did not love it. The finale changed all that for me. I have two words for you : Irene Alder is Jim Moriarty. HOLY SHIT I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. I also love the woman they got to play Irene, she is brilliant in it. She went from helpless hellokitty type to ice queen assassin in under 60 seconds and boy did I enjoy the twist I was all like: nooooooooo
  • Seriously though the finale was ohmygawdsoveryawesome. I actually had an impromptu all stuffed animals are invited dance-party for 10 seconds to celebrate the awesomeness.
  • I’m not big on reviewing stuff. If something blows my mind imma tell you.  This week’s Psych was it’s usual amazingness but I love Dule Hill’s AWWWWWWWWWW YEAH so much. He really should host radio. I would listen to that show, you know that’s right. Speaking off which I’ve never heard Howard Stern on air either(just add that to my pop-culturally challengedness).dulee
  • If anyone is actually reading this I would love some suggestions on easily covering the vast extremely well-charted waters of pop-culture.
  • Also check out my piece for
  • There’s an awesome new book out by the writers of Psych : Psych’s Guide to Crimefighting for the totally unqualified. I haven’t read it yet but I know I will love it. The Psych writers are brilliant, so very incredibly brilliant. Speaking of books written by writers of Tv shows. I know you guys have heard of Tina Fey’s Bossypants and possibly Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everybody hanging out with me”. You should check these books out though they are so hilarious that the milk I drank came out both my nostrils, even the left one which usually doesn’t even let air in(or out).psychs
  • 30 Rock writer Vali Chandrasekaran and The office writer Steve Hely wrote a travel guide which will make Lonely Planet blush. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous and it’s a race between a hare and a bear.
  • Also by Steve Hely of The Office fame ‘How I became a famous Novelist’. The book is definitely funny, not ass hilarious as the Ridiculous race. It kinda sputtered out in the end, going all serious-ish, but worth a read still.

Hello Judd Nelson


My name is Vee and I’m an addict, a sitcom addict that is. Too bad there aren’t support groups for things that are actually important. This week I came to a rather horrifying realization…the skinnier I get, the skinnier my skinny jeans get. How that works is beyond me! I also received some bad news from my alter ego Princess Mariska Baklava, I am pop-culturally challenged. As a side-effect of my obsessive relationship with TV shows and sitcoms in particular, I hardly ever watch movies, unless Robert Downey Jr is in them or maybe if I’m feeling generous, I catch intriguing, edge-of-your seat thrillers like Wreck It Ralph (which I only indulged because 30 rock star Jack McBrayer voiced one of the characters).

In every show there are always references to old movies and characters from dark ages( also known as the time before I was born). Each time those references are made I laugh, either prompted by the laugh track on the show or gut instinct( usually happens when I’m watching Psych), but the fact that I don’t actually get it makes my soul die a little.

  1. I haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, but I know that the end has everyone on a field and the guy in the modified trench coat pumps his fist into the air, possibly with soul-touching soundtrack playing in the background to solidify the emotion.
  2. I have never watched a Michael Douglas movie, but from what I could make of the references off shows I have gotten he wasn’t a very nice man in the movies.
  3. The only Tom Cruise movie I have ever seen is the Mission Impossible where he sprints vertically on the Burj Al Arab, ( is that MI 3 or 4?). On a slightly related note I’ve always been curious was he always a Scientologist or is that just something he decided to try halfway through his career?
  4. The only performances of Brad Pitt that I have ever witnessed were his cameo on FRIENDS and the first quarter of the Benjamin Button movie, I feel asleep even before he slept with the girl in that barn(I remember the scene from the trailer).
  5. I only watched Pulp Fiction a year ago and until I did I always figured the movie would have had something to do with OJ(not Simpson, the source of Vitamin C) and book-writing.
  6. I just watched the new Star Trek movie coupla days ago and that was when a friend told me that William Shatner became famous because of Star Trek. I always thought it was cause of Sh*& my dad says.
  7. I also realized that the words a guy would most love to hear from a girl’s mouth are “If I were a lesbian”. I happen to have a slight crush on Zoe Saldana, but can you blame me ?
  8. enhanced-buzz-29317-1368536232-18
  9. I have not seen Moulin Rouge. Yes I know that makes me a pariah of sorts, but I dislike unhappy endings (if you know what I mean). What’s even worse, I watched the movie Australia, shot in Australia starring that wonderful Australian Hugh Jackman…and boy did that movie SUCK.
  10. I haven’t seen ET or any notable Steven Spielberg movie that wasn’t animated. In my head ET looks like Alf.
  11. I don’t think I’ve actually seen the entire Titanic movie. I’ve definitely seen the end and the beginning, whether I’ve seen the middle or not I’m really not sure. All I remember clearly about it are Leonardo dies and there’s that scene where they do this :



  12. As a result of this serious reflection I came to the conclusion that I need to upload, update, revamp, overhaul and restructure my pop-culture database in order to be a TV writer. So I’m going to go watch The Breakfast club, because I need to know what the deal is with Judd Nelson and nostril flaring.
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Anybody else out there who is pop-culturally challenged as I am and is willing to study with/coach me?