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I feel like I might’ve already mentioned this, but doesn’t hurt to say it again- I’m a writer. In today’s fast-paced, technology(we all know when people use the word technology they actually mean internet)-driven world saying you’re a writer or saying you’re anything really, has no meaning unless you lay some claims to fame. You have to attach your name to something more well-known and possibly something better-looking if you’re shallow like that, which I am most definitely not. I cross my heart and swear to lie.


Anyhoo I thought I would just post links to some of the work I have gotten published in papers and online magazines and stuff on here. Just so you know, this was a young and more naive me, me from last year and maybe the year before that. It was a me who took things too seriously and hadn’t found her calling, a me who hadn’t made the conscious decision to be silly, ridiculous and funny in all her forthcoming endeavors.

My work for an online magazine for brown people(like myself) who decided to take some time off and make some money away from their siblings. My work is under my actual parent-given name- Vidhya Abirami Iyer which loosely translated means extremely sexy, supremely knowledgeable, vegetarian goddess, not necessarily in that order.

I love, here’s a link that’ll lead you to a bundle of joy/ horror with all my articles for the-nri

I have written a bunch of random articles for other newspapers and all, but even I don’t want to bore you with reporting of events around my college which mostly involve either leaf-blowers( not the machine but actual humans who blow the leaves into a corner because apparently the government can’t afford expensive equipment) and of course whistle-blowers ( mostly the relay team coach and sometimes the protesters against reservation of seats and the ill-treatment of Tamilians in Sri Lanka).

I really do love my fiction though, mostly I have this thing for writing love stories centered cynically around cliches. You can check those out at

I love feedback, story prompts and listening to people whine( it makes me feel like a shrink and less annoyed with my own life) so feel free to drop me a comment/angry rhetoric/ode to my flowing tresses/link to irrelevant weight loss ad @veedya101 on twitter or just hit me up at

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