Elementary my dear Spoiler Alert


Now in all my years of existence, I have never had a google alert for anything ever. Mostly because I have no idea how to set one, and also because there isn’t really anything I want regular alerts about, except maybe if Ian Somerhalder suddenly finds himself single and/or in need of CPR, but I like to be realistic. That’s why if I ever do set an alert I will set it on “*insert CW network actor’s name here* single and looking for hot Indian love”.

I’ve finally rewatched all 8 seasons of Full House and I have concluded that this is all I want for Christmas:


I’d be okay with the kid too.

The entire month has been one of regret and regression.

  1. I saw the entire 4th season of Scrubs again. Elliot gets more shrill every time and I am left feeling distinctly disappointed that I don’t have someone to do the eagle with:
  2. I started reading the entire Mediator series by Meg Cabot again. Gawd I love Happy Endings( if you know what I mean). Consequently I had a conversation with my great grand uncle, which was really weird because he is still alive and very opposed to talking to “little girls”.
  3. Having read the Mediator series again I realized Jesse whateverhislastnameis from the books must have been inspired by John Stamos as Uncle Jesse. The resemblance is too uncanny to ignore imo unless you are an expert at the art of bliss through ignorance. I am seriously considering taking that course. People go in stupid and they come out happy and intellectually unchanged. Image
  4. Also I finally watched the Breakfast club and my non-arachnid senses started tingling. You see I have this superpower I can identify people who have made cameos in the shows I watch when they show up in other parts, however tiny(that’s definitley not what she said). In fact I saw the tinier the part in the movie/show/whatever/anti-drug ad campaign, the better. SO turns out the Alison character looked super-familiar and I was like WHOA that’s Mr.Yin from Psych. And those were the 5 most exciting seconds( things your girlfriends says about you ) of the whole movie for me. I finally knew what Molly Ringwald looks like and Judd Nelson should definitely consider eating some cayenne peppers and trying to breathe fire. It just might work.

ally sheedymaniac

In the spirit of my regression I feel this link about teen/Disney/twins/Amanda Bynes is quite appropriate http://bit.ly/16pEARW


Next on my agenda catch a bunch of Hitchcock movies and actually read The Great Gatsby before I go see the movie next week. Check out this hilarious video I found while trying to find out what the movie was about:

Source: Huffington Post

My week in TV

  • Elementary: So far honestly the show has been good, but after Sherlock I wasn’t expecting much. I liked it, but did not love it. The finale changed all that for me. I have two words for you : Irene Alder is Jim Moriarty. HOLY SHIT I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. I also love the woman they got to play Irene, she is brilliant in it. She went from helpless hellokitty type to ice queen assassin in under 60 seconds and boy did I enjoy the twist I was all like: nooooooooo
  • Seriously though the finale was ohmygawdsoveryawesome. I actually had an impromptu all stuffed animals are invited dance-party for 10 seconds to celebrate the awesomeness.
  • I’m not big on reviewing stuff. If something blows my mind imma tell you.  This week’s Psych was it’s usual amazingness but I love Dule Hill’s AWWWWWWWWWW YEAH so much. He really should host radio. I would listen to that show, you know that’s right. Speaking off which I’ve never heard Howard Stern on air either(just add that to my pop-culturally challengedness).dulee
  • If anyone is actually reading this I would love some suggestions on easily covering the vast extremely well-charted waters of pop-culture.
  • Also check out my piece for the-nri.com http://bit.ly/10FbMRf
  • There’s an awesome new book out by the writers of Psych : Psych’s Guide to Crimefighting for the totally unqualified. I haven’t read it yet but I know I will love it. The Psych writers are brilliant, so very incredibly brilliant. Speaking of books written by writers of Tv shows. I know you guys have heard of Tina Fey’s Bossypants and possibly Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everybody hanging out with me”. You should check these books out though they are so hilarious that the milk I drank came out both my nostrils, even the left one which usually doesn’t even let air in(or out).psychs
  • 30 Rock writer Vali Chandrasekaran and The office writer Steve Hely wrote a travel guide which will make Lonely Planet blush. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous and it’s a race between a hare and a bear.
  • Also by Steve Hely of The Office fame ‘How I became a famous Novelist’. The book is definitely funny, not ass hilarious as the Ridiculous race. It kinda sputtered out in the end, going all serious-ish, but worth a read still.

Life Without Opposable Thumbs



I think I owe you an explanation and it’s very likely that if we’ve met, I also owe you some money. Here’s the explanation-

Firstly do not be alarmed, I do have opposable thumbs and am not the victim of some newfound disformity. It’s just, I happened to be re-watching Season 2 of Scrubs, the Halloween episode and Dr.Cox aka Perry also widely known as my favorite character in the Hates-everybody category  happened to say “you have opposable thumbs, use them” to a large man in a gorilla costume. Out of context whether or not you are familiar with the scene, I thought of what if he didn’t have opposable thumbs? Then what? This particular train of thought ended rather quickly and I was left thinking “Life without Opposable Thumbs” would be such a great title for a blog-post.

Here’s the thing about me, I am a writer of the highest calibre. Were this a different more sophisticated electricity-less era, I could have proven this to you by showing you just how worn out my quill is. However since we are living in a much more dramatic and much less interesting technological age this blog will have to suffice. As you can see I try not to make everything about myself and the fact that I own a t-shirt which claims that “I am the center of the universe” should do nothing to convince you otherwise.

Let’s get down to business now shall we?

I have realized with great conviction that there is only one thing I aspire to be- a TV writer, a sitcom writer to be more specific.

My life goals can be eloquently summarized in the following manner:

1.Write and star in own sitcom a la Tina Fey/ Amy Poehler/ Mindy Kaling

2. Write 7 part (not a big fan of trilogies) best-selling novel series a la J.K.Rowling

3. Get pilot’s license.

4.Acquire 4 different puppies of distinct but fluffy varieties and have unscheduled but extremely regular puppy parties.

5. Meet Robert Downey Jr.

6. Go to and have a panel at Comic Con

7.Update this blog weekly.

Okay well let’s face it no one in their right mind would ever give me a pilot’s license, but of course the rest is very doable and will be done asap.

I have chosen MIndy kaling as my preferred role model because even though she may not have realized it yet despite that one tweet I sent her last year, she and I are going to be best friends-we have so much in common.

Mindy’s mom was a gynecologist, so is mine. Mindy was in Nigeria during her early childhood before her parents were awesome and decided to move to the states, I was in Nigeria for most of my formative years too. Mindy’s dad is Tamilian, so is mine. Mindy has her own TV show and is awesome, I am pretty damn awesome and will have my own TV show soon. Mindy is extremely funny, if my school actually did the whole yearbook thing, I would’ve had that Class Clown title in the bag.

This blog is fresh start for me. Hopefully to interact with more aspiring writers TV and otherwise. Put up some of my work. You can read some of the stuff I’ve written in fantasy/fiction at http://bit.ly/YSbr97 and I’ll be starting a spec/script sharing section soon. Here’s what you can expect in general- talk about the shows I am watching currently, TV writers that inspire me, episodes I like, actors I would love to do, and other writerly stuff like that.

For today I’ll give you the short version because intimidation is just not my style:

House of Lies : Loving it, I wouldn’t mind less scenes of Cheadle fucking people, but that’s just my orthodox Indian upbringing talking. Ben Schwartz aka Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec, who knew he could be more awesome? I’m two episodes in and I don’t think I am ever coming back out. (That’s what she said ).

I also spent some time re-watching early episodes of the comedy classic Full House to revisit the good old days and remind myself that the Olsen twins existed.

Caught the new ‘The Mindy Project'(I really thought she could’ve come up with a better name for the show)- you get some never before seen footage and parts of Chris Messina(Danny Castellano) and Mark Duplass(Brendan Delaurier) unleashes the beast inside. Honestly the best part for me was Ike Barinholtz(Morgan Tuckers) the character is just amazing.

Caught the new episode of New Girl. It was underwhelming despite how much I love Brenda Song (Daisy) guest starring. Without Max Greenfield(Schmidt) the episode would’ve been supremely pointless. I didn’t even LOL once, but I’m hoping it was just an off night and won’t be like Community where from Season 2 everything just went downhill.

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means Parks & Rec, Vampire Diaries oh hell I’m just gonna show you a snapshot of my calendar Image

Catcha on the flipside…of the remote 🙂