Angels & Demons


Google Images doesn’t do him justice, trust me

There aren’t many shows that inspire an TV addict such as myself, to marvel at just how good they are. I watch enough shows(over 55) irregardless of my high/low opinions, it’s almost become a rote activity. Da Vinci’s Demons however is one of the very few that made me sit up and take notice of the quality content despite how attractive the protagonist is, see for yourself:

There are many shows I watch for the sole purpose of rejuvenating my eyes- Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, that other show on the CW network. You must understand then, that only extraordinary writing, riveting characters and story-lines, phenomenal acting and marvelous(I do mean MARVELOUS) production is what it takes to get me to take my eyes off of that man and appreciate the show’s magnificence.

It’s created by David. S. Goyer (the guy who wrote the latest, and less than satisfying, installment in the Superman series), yeah, I was surprised too. Here’s what I can tell you about the show( Wiki and IMDB for detailed splanations)-

  • It’s a twist on the traditional accounts behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s tale of brilliance, with an intriguing and somehow appropriate supernatural tinge to it
  • You will see more nipples in one episode of the show than you can count, seriously you should make a drinking game out of it, I did. Ditto butt-cracks.
  • If you like Game of Thrones and Sherlock, this one is definitely in your zone. It has a smidge of the bloody massacre and beheading that Game of Thrones has led us to expect, and simultaneously incorporates a Sherlockian protagonist in Da Vinci.
  • The production effects are stellar, they really draw you in taking you on a journey into Da Vinci’s head, helping you understand his perception of the world as a marginally ostracized, ambidextrous artista. Set in Florence, there is much to keep you on edge- treachery, the impending threat of war and of course, nothing is complete without some good ol fashion people-sleeping-with-people-they’re-not-supposed-to-be-sleeping-with drama

They say the devil is in the details, and I say that’s absolutely heavenly. On a side note, I must say, the day I actually find out who “they” are, I’m going send them a bunch of mean tweets. In 8 episodes, each better than the next, Goyer hides clues and little details that link to future episodes, and I must say I feel absolutely gleeful on the rare occasions that I figure them out.

SPOILER ALERT Goyer also has an awesome blog where he talks about his thought process and the production of some of the episodes. 

What are you waiting for GO WATCH NOW, so we can talk about it.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer, if you’re super curious


Game of Thrones: the Stark reality! …jk just read on


My approach to TV show viewing in like a literature class, open to interpretation, discussion, debate and paper-airplane throwing and most importantly there is no right answer.

So I watched 3 seasons worth of Game of Thrones in roughly 5 days and then I watched yesterday’s episode and I died. Every single frikkin person I was rooting for on that show aka the Starks  was butchered and well let’s just say if it weren’t for Khaleesi I would have no hope for anything ever. Even considering how much of a junkie I am when it comes to shows, I think I’m invested in GoT waay to much for my own good. My own tweet sums it up nicely.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the next season- everyone on Game of Thrones

I really should’ve known better after Eddard was killed and worse yet, they had to go and kill the wolf :'((. I wonder how likely it is that George R.R Martin would’ve written a GoT version of PETA into his books to protest on behalf of those wolves. PETA and GoT do have a lot in common- they love nudity, boobies and fighting for causes. Khaleesi would look hella awesome as a PETA ambassador.

Khaleesi’s PETA campaign

I also found out that the actress I’d been raving about from the Elementary finale is Natalie Dormer aaaaand she plays Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones-brilliant she is. She also has a rather amusing and permanent duckface.

Just adding some hotness to your daily routine.

See what I mean, but I love her anyhoo.

I have also come up with a law that I shall hereby christen Riley’s Law of tele-viewing.

Riley’s law of tele-viewing states that “The more one despises an actor on screen, the more one is likely to love the actor off it”, in other words the amount of hatred you have for onscreen characters played by talented Game of Thrones type actors, is directly proportional to the amount of love you will have for them off screen.

Lena Headey who plays the “the queen we all love to hate”-Sersei Lannister, is just so much fun on the Comic Con GoT panel and on this:

If you have doubts about RIley’s law, well then you are a fool and I happen to enjoy Fool’s Gold( money I get by tricking fools I come across, NOT the awful Matthew Mcconaughey movie- I HATE THAT GUY). Another example of RIley’s law- Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luthor on Smallville. You have no choice to fucking hate his sorry bald guts on the show, but the bloopers are a whole another very real, very funny story. John Glover is awesome too.

See what I mean. Oh and it’s called Riley’s law because I am considering changing my nom de plume to Riley Pendergast. Good idea? Bad Idea? or do you have a better idea?

Also I hate Theon Greyjoy, I think he is a whiny little bitch non-man who deserved to get his junk hacked off.

I love the English people, they’re just so awesome- Ricky Gervais, Jeremy  Clarkson, those other guys who host Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, the cast of GoT (here’s a link to a gallery where you can see how much fun they have with their clothes ON). I know this is an odd thing to say, considering the British colonized my country and inflicted atrocities on us, but hey I don’t hold no grudges, especially if you look like this:

It’s crazy, the guy makes Jesus sexy. I’d let him colonize my country so hard.

Call me Old Sport


You caught me, I ate the last cookie, knowing that you wanted it so bad just made it taste better. On a slightly less dramatic note, I just saw The Great Gatsby. Heh, boy that Baz Luhrmann sure know hows to pimp a movie doesn’t he? 

Soundtrack: Brilliant

Story: Honestly I haven’t read the book, even though I think I snuck a copy from my place of work two years ago.

The movie itself: seemed cool, just like Leo and those men in the advertisements in Times Square, in the Arrow shirts and what not. 

My rating: seriously does what I think matter? Go check rotten tomatoes (if you want an actual assessment) or imdb( if you want the opposite of the actual asssessment) 

Sad endings really bum me out. This is why I don’t watch movies and stick to shows. With shows, the end is so far away you don’t have to think (unless an awesome show gets cancelled in the middle for reasons that could not and would not be acceptable to me, like Partners or Don’t Trust the B—- in apartment 23) about it when you start watching. And even after it is over and done with, series finales aired and plot-lines resolved in most likely horrible inexplicable ways, if the Gods of Television ( and the writers) have been kind, your favorite characters have not been killed off, then you can imagine for yourself, after the finale the ending the show truly deserves. 

We all need closure…and let’s face it, the best kind of closure is the imagined kind. 

I have finals coming up next week and in the time I spent wasting, to find “finals-themed” online entertainment I found this :

Hot guys to motivate you for finals

Here’s a sneak peek:




Life Without Opposable Thumbs



I think I owe you an explanation and it’s very likely that if we’ve met, I also owe you some money. Here’s the explanation-

Firstly do not be alarmed, I do have opposable thumbs and am not the victim of some newfound disformity. It’s just, I happened to be re-watching Season 2 of Scrubs, the Halloween episode and Dr.Cox aka Perry also widely known as my favorite character in the Hates-everybody category  happened to say “you have opposable thumbs, use them” to a large man in a gorilla costume. Out of context whether or not you are familiar with the scene, I thought of what if he didn’t have opposable thumbs? Then what? This particular train of thought ended rather quickly and I was left thinking “Life without Opposable Thumbs” would be such a great title for a blog-post.

Here’s the thing about me, I am a writer of the highest calibre. Were this a different more sophisticated electricity-less era, I could have proven this to you by showing you just how worn out my quill is. However since we are living in a much more dramatic and much less interesting technological age this blog will have to suffice. As you can see I try not to make everything about myself and the fact that I own a t-shirt which claims that “I am the center of the universe” should do nothing to convince you otherwise.

Let’s get down to business now shall we?

I have realized with great conviction that there is only one thing I aspire to be- a TV writer, a sitcom writer to be more specific.

My life goals can be eloquently summarized in the following manner:

1.Write and star in own sitcom a la Tina Fey/ Amy Poehler/ Mindy Kaling

2. Write 7 part (not a big fan of trilogies) best-selling novel series a la J.K.Rowling

3. Get pilot’s license.

4.Acquire 4 different puppies of distinct but fluffy varieties and have unscheduled but extremely regular puppy parties.

5. Meet Robert Downey Jr.

6. Go to and have a panel at Comic Con

7.Update this blog weekly.

Okay well let’s face it no one in their right mind would ever give me a pilot’s license, but of course the rest is very doable and will be done asap.

I have chosen MIndy kaling as my preferred role model because even though she may not have realized it yet despite that one tweet I sent her last year, she and I are going to be best friends-we have so much in common.

Mindy’s mom was a gynecologist, so is mine. Mindy was in Nigeria during her early childhood before her parents were awesome and decided to move to the states, I was in Nigeria for most of my formative years too. Mindy’s dad is Tamilian, so is mine. Mindy has her own TV show and is awesome, I am pretty damn awesome and will have my own TV show soon. Mindy is extremely funny, if my school actually did the whole yearbook thing, I would’ve had that Class Clown title in the bag.

This blog is fresh start for me. Hopefully to interact with more aspiring writers TV and otherwise. Put up some of my work. You can read some of the stuff I’ve written in fantasy/fiction at and I’ll be starting a spec/script sharing section soon. Here’s what you can expect in general- talk about the shows I am watching currently, TV writers that inspire me, episodes I like, actors I would love to do, and other writerly stuff like that.

For today I’ll give you the short version because intimidation is just not my style:

House of Lies : Loving it, I wouldn’t mind less scenes of Cheadle fucking people, but that’s just my orthodox Indian upbringing talking. Ben Schwartz aka Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec, who knew he could be more awesome? I’m two episodes in and I don’t think I am ever coming back out. (That’s what she said ).

I also spent some time re-watching early episodes of the comedy classic Full House to revisit the good old days and remind myself that the Olsen twins existed.

Caught the new ‘The Mindy Project'(I really thought she could’ve come up with a better name for the show)- you get some never before seen footage and parts of Chris Messina(Danny Castellano) and Mark Duplass(Brendan Delaurier) unleashes the beast inside. Honestly the best part for me was Ike Barinholtz(Morgan Tuckers) the character is just amazing.

Caught the new episode of New Girl. It was underwhelming despite how much I love Brenda Song (Daisy) guest starring. Without Max Greenfield(Schmidt) the episode would’ve been supremely pointless. I didn’t even LOL once, but I’m hoping it was just an off night and won’t be like Community where from Season 2 everything just went downhill.

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means Parks & Rec, Vampire Diaries oh hell I’m just gonna show you a snapshot of my calendar Image

Catcha on the flipside…of the remote 🙂